Many parts and components comprise a car’s brake system. Calipers and pads can only do so much, as they rely on brake fluid to work. Vehicle owners shouldn’t overlook the importance of brake fluid since it delivers the necessary hydraulic pressure to make the vehicle slow down and stop.

Brake fluid runs through hoses and lines to the various brake parts. The minute a driver steps on the brake pedal, the master cylinder should release the necessary brake fluid to the calipers connected to each wheel. The other connected parts put pressure on the wheels to slow or stop.

When brake fluid runs low, the system might malfunction. If the fluid runs out due to a leak, the car won’t stop. Such an incident could lead to a terrible crash on Warrenton, VA roads.

A brake inspection could involve checking the fluid levels and determining if any leaks are present. A Country Chevrolet Inc. technician may recommend a particular brake fluid based on several factors.

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