Dear Customer,

To make your visit to Country Chevrolet as smooth as possible, these things should be done prior to your arrival. Our Sales Team will walk you through this process, but we also like to make sure our customers are well informed of the process here at Country Chevrolet. We also like to remind our customers who are traveling to arrive in Warrenton to bring the following: (Please ask your salesperson if all items are necessary or just a few of the items for your particular deal).

  • Your driver's license (don't laugh people forget all the time)
  • Your current insurance card
  • Checkbook or credit card if there is a down payment
  • If you have outside financing your loan check or approval letter
  • If you are financing with us you may need to bring: 2 paystubs and a utility bill (power, water, gas, cable) The finance department will advise you.

If you are trading a vehicle:

  • Registration (are we transferring tags?)
  • Title if you have a paid in full vehicle or if your state issues a two part title

We look forward to earning your business and your referrals of friends, family and co-workers. We strive to make every customer a new part of the Country Chevrolet Family. See you soon!


Jake Moore

General Manager

A Country Chevrolet Dealership