Country Chevrolet is a thriving Fauquier County business with a reputation of excellence. We are on the look out to make all of the automotive process a "no hassle" experience. We have a history of getting excited about trade-ins and customers who wish to sell us their vehicles. What they may not realize is that we have our pre-owned department at our main store, but have 4 other pre-owned locations that we keep stocked with great inventory. Even if your vehicle is an older model, higher mileage, or needs a bit of work, we still have a market for those vehicles.

We pass the savings onto you. When customers bring us their vehicle as a straight sale or trade-in, it allows us to give better valuation because we do have to include auction fees and transport fees into the value. Our savings is your advantage.

  • we buy any car up to $100,000
  • walk out with payment in as little as 30 minutes
  • you will get a fair market price for your car
  • we settle finance and pay you the balance

Sight unseen appraisal - we don't require you to travel to get your appraisal, just complete the trade form and one of our 8 appraisers will email you a value.
We beat Carmax appraisels 90% of the time - email us your carmax appraisel and we will email you directly about whether or not we can beat it.

5001 Lee Hwy
Warrenton, VA 20186

By Selling Your Car To Us, You Can Avoid

  • Paying for costly ads to try to sell your car
  • Waiting for strangers to visit your home for a showing and test drive
  • The risk of not selling your car and having it on the market for months while it drops in value
  • The hassle of advertising salespeople trying to convince you to re-advertise with them
  • Paying gas, maintenance, tax and insurance costs while you wait for buyers to contact you
  • Having a person contact you AFTER they have purchased the vehicle if something is not working properly as if you are a dealership.

We want all our customers to have a “No Hassle” Experience. This means when buying a vehicle from us or one of our family of dealerships, or simply selling us their vehicle.


How does it all work?

It's super easy! Just follow these three steps for an online valuation*:

  1. Tell us your car’s mileage, year, make, model and condition, even email us a few photos if you would like.
  2. Provide your contact details and receive an online value and an email confirmation. We have our appraisers ready to give your request personal attention, not just an automated value.

If you are satisfied with the CountryChevyBuysCars value* for your car, schedule an appointment right away online to bring your car to our nearest or most convenient branch location so that we can inspect your car.

The valuation is completely free of charge and there is no obligation whatsoever to sell your car. Please keep in mind that online valuations* are subject to an on-site inspection for verification.

* Values are provided as an estimate for information purposes only and do not constitute an offer from the CountryChevyBuysCars to purchase any vehicle. Values are based on the limited information we collect from you online and market information about your vehicle (which, for some makes, models and years, can be limited). As a result, the value may be adjusted at the CountryChevyBuysCars discretion at any time, including prior to or during our in-branch inspection of the vehicle. By selecting to receive a online appraisal, you agree to our Terms of Use.

Top 6 Dangers Of Selling Your Car Privately?

  1. Your personal safety. Strangers test driving your car.
  2. Giving out your personal information; address, phone #s etc.
  3. Payment- the cashier's check scam and other payment issues.
  4. Registration, Smog laws, transfer and release of liability.
  5. Your car might have problems.
  6. Advertising, expense, writing an ad.

There is nothing comfortable about this. Here's the scenario: You have a perfect stranger looking at your car and then he or she wants to test drive it. You have no choice but to go with them. The old bit about holding the keys to their car while they take yours is no good. What if it's a rental or borrowed from a friend? If they damage your car are their keys really going to do you any good? Ok, now you're in the passenger seat of your car with someone you wouldnt even talk to at Starbuck's. People have a tendency to drive a car they are considering buying much harder than they normally would to "see what it can do." I know from personal experience this can be scary. Envision in your mind if you will that maniac friend of yours with whom you hate driving. Oh yeah, I almost forgot my personal favorite, hygiene. It may sound funny but I think you are getting the idea.

In order for someone to contact you, you'll have to give out your phone number. These days most everyone uses a cell phone. If you get a call from a blocked number, the caller already knows a lot more about you than you do about him. Remember, once someone has called your cell phone from their cell phone, they have your number forever and people tend to misdial or call at all hours. Giving out your home address just isn't a good idea for several reasons. Honest people tend to reveal their schedules when making an appointment; "I am never home before six..." for example. This bad habit could give away valuable information to many prospective buyers who may not be as honest as you. What if something goes wrong with the transaction? Nobody wants a visit from an irate buyer.

There are several ways to get paid for your car when you sell it privately and all can have difficulties. A common scam is payment with an official looking, bogus cashier's check. You take it as payment, deposit it into your account and in about two weeks when your car is long gone it bounces and your bank charges your account. The most obvious is cash but this method is not always problem free. Where do you conduct this cash transaction with an unpredictable stranger? We have already discussed the problems with your home. At a public place? Fine, but you don't know who might follow you home with this new cash in your pocket. A personal check is out of the question and you're probably not set up to accept credit cards or ATM.

In California, the license plates stay with car. Meaning, in the case of a private sale, you give the title and it is incumbent upon the new registered owner to complete the transfer into his name in a timely manner. This doesn't always happen because it entails additional expense on his part. If he then gets parking tickets, toll booth or any kind of photographic violations it comes back to you. Yes, you can prove that the car is no longer yours but involves going to court which can cost you valuable time and money. There are special release of liability forms that must be carefully filled out to avoid this. Also, the law requires that you must have your car smogged with 90 days of the sale. This is not easy if your car is not running right or the "Check Engine" light is on. When you sell your car to us we legally give you a full release of liability, on the spot. Also, we take all cars, smogged or not, and will tow away free.

Let's face facts: it's a used car. Chances are you're selling your car because there is something wrong with it or there might be something wrong with it that you don't even know about. What if you sell your car and it breaks down the next day or so and the buyer wants money back? Or revenge? Refer to Danger #2: They know where you live. When you sell you car to us we buy it "As-Is", nothing more is required on your part.

It's not as easy as you think to write an effective, accurate ad to sell your car. Plus it costs money to advertise and can take quite a bit of time. When you sell your car to us it is, HASSLE FREE, we take care of EVERYTHING.